Fresh and Fun Social Media Icons

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New Container Icon Set 4,
full detailed 48 icons from the shipping industry.

It's compatible with any Mac Os system,
also compatible with Windows XP and Windows Vista.

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Ps to moderators: if you think, this is a spam, please remove it!

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Well, you could/should have made one with Typophile’s logo! ;-)

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i just forget, probably i may add it into next set...

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Seems to me you're distancing form from meaning. Icons are for us to recognize and distinguish easily from one another. So it may be good to click a shipping van for a shipping company, but that is lost if it's among a lot of other vans that have nothing to do with the subject. There's no metaphor, just the obscuring of more effective symbols by skewing them nearly out of view or making one big thing into four smaller things.

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@cerulean – You're not a Matchbox collector, then?

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@cerulean i think, There are some metaphors,

- Social network websites are a kind of transportation platform for today's information (person to person)
- If there is no official van design for any of them, it is very fun to view/show it.
- Social Network websites are also like today's collection boxes. We are storing billion of things from our life or our obsessions.
- And i love to make extraordinary icons...

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