Clashing Accented Character Pairs Kerning

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I was curious if there is a definitive list of accented character pairs that have a tendency to 'clash' and that are most likely to occur in extended languages.

I generally know what they are and have made pairs with exceptions in the past to handle the ones that I believe would be common.

I was thinking that if there was a list I could prevent having to kern pairings that would potentially never occur.

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Thanks. Filip, that article is excellent.

I've pretty much solved the problem, in that I'm kerning every potential accented character clash, regardless if it's perceived as 'common', or not.

I've been kerning 'lower case—upper case', 'unusual' combinations, and 'demoninators, numerators, superiors, inferiors' and others listed in the article for awhile now. I'm taking note on a couple things I've overlooked, such as 'german quotes' and having a closer look at Lcaron and the potential issues with lslash as well.

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