Printers' Tales for Kindle

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I'm pleased to announce that "Printers' Tales" is now available on the Kindle.

You can get your copy here: (USA) (UK)

Please don't buy the book if you are a contributor to it. I'm still working on a special "contributors' edition" for the Kindle, drop me an email, and I'll get a special edition sent to you when completed.

Overall, I'm very pleased with how the project has turned out. Thanks to everyone who has helped out with tips on producing the cover, etc.

All the Best
Dave Hughes
York, UK

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Is there a non-kindle ebook I could buy?


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>Is there a non-kindle ebook I could buy?

+1. I'm interested in the letterpress edition.

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I was holding out for the illuminated manuscript.

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Yes, I agree it is somewhat ironic, but the premise of the book is to preserve memories of letterpress traditions, so I think the format is appropriate.

I have now made the book available in all formats, via Smashwords here:

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