Top 10 body copy faces for custom magazines

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I need help creating a stable of good body copy faces for custom magazines. I'm looking for both serif and sans faces. What are your top 10 picks of the all-time best faces for quality, highly legible body copy?


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Roman text faces:

Sabon (Sabon Next is even better)
Baskerville (ITC New Bask & Berthold Bask Book)
Goudy Old Style

See also Twenty Faces at textism.

Sans text faces:

Gill Sans
News Gothic (but watch out for bad versions)
Bernhard Gothic

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I'd love to see a magazine using FF Quadraat, my favorite typeface. Please indulge me, zerskillz...

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What magazine is that, Yves? And is it available in the Low Countries?

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Be nice... and show us something from that members mag...


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Zero, the idea of having a stable of faces precludes approaching each design project with a truly open-minded "custom" attitude, because you will be limiting your creative process into riding one of the fonts you already have.

It would be better to acquire your fonts piecemeal, according to the unique demands of individual publications. That would be more like custom design.

Better still, develop relationships with type designers, where you get "beta" copies of their latest models.

To max out the customization, don't use off-the-shelf typefaces at all, but commission a new typeface for a new magazine design.


Bert, try the London Review of Books for major Quadraat implementation.

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We do. It rawks.

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It's a members magazine, so you won't find it on the stands. :-)

zeroskillz, I'm moving this thread to General Discussions,
maybe you'll get better feedback there.

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