Nametag Fonts

Hi, I'm trying to photoshop a reply to this nametag invitation, and to edit what it says, I really need some help with the font. I know the seems like a really common font, but I'm really not sure what it is, even after looking it up online (the match wasn't the same). I already figured out the handwritten part to be "Complete in Him."

That's the front part. On the back , there seems to be a different font for the text in black. I couldn't ID that either, and I'm not sure the orange font is the same as the font in the front.
Can you guys help me out? Thank you so much!

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Sorry about the big image sizes, they're from scanning the images. I could scale it down, if you guys need it.

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Helvetica (light, regular, bold)

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Whoa really? Thought it looked familiar, but didn't think it was helvetica. Thanks for the help!

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