My First Groupie -- or -- I'm a Troll and You Are All Suckers.

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Dear transparent Ryan,
Everybody at typophile is onto you and your dumb troll act. Obviously your postings are solely for the purpose of making them go off at you.

Clearly you are a troll. That\'s what trolls do, post shit to provoke annoyed reactions. Compacta is today\'s blackletter? That statement was bound to provoke a considerable negative reaction.

It isn\'t hard to figure out typophilers are suckers for this kind of thing. They admit it on-site.

Sincerely, Mr. X

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It's almost not worth sharing that sort of detritus.


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True, Hrant, but trolls will be trolls. If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullsh*t, my old buddy John McKenna Colwell used to say. It appears that Ryan has chosen the latter course. Lucky us.

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total lack of attention can work wonders.

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I love the ironic self-defeating act of someone responding to a troll while trash-talking them? Oh silly internet kids, don’t you change. Thanks to your setting the bar of behaviour so low, looking as awesome as Roger Moore in Octopussy easier than falling of a truck driven by a baby who’s candy was just stolen while s/he is shooting fish in a barrel. And yes, I threw in an 80’s reference just to prove that even a 40 year old can beat you at your own game. Now go do a Google image search for Jaws, the bad guy from the same movie, and make it your Facebook profile picture for 24h before you “remember” something else. Wow. I’ve totally lost track of what/why I’m ranting about. Doesn’t matter. Roger Moore still kicks ass.

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Oh thanks a lot, Christopher! Now I have 'Nobody does it better' stuck in my head.

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Shine on Ryan ... shine on.


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Thanks Ryan, you did exactly what I wanted you to do by posting my message at typophile, and you were dishonest about it, leaving out \"they can see through to the bottom of you\". I knew you would be dishonest about it. I\'ve seen your face closeup I notice those dishonest, piggy little eyes. LOL!

I have your home address and there\'s a package in the mail on its way to you. Have you got medical insurance. You\'re gonna need it.

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Well I don't know what this is all about but I don't like it much. I thought this place was supposed to be about type.

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Actually those eyes are saying "I'm going to be honest even if it pisses you off".


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Ask them if they insured the package.

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Those beats are good BTW, in case there are any beatheads in the house. And Obi aint nothing to f uck with if you want great web representation.

might as well get some shouts out..

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