Do you know this font ?

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Thank you very much for any help. Monique

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I tried it but the C are a bit too closed with Din and the 7 go down more than the other numbers.

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Close, but ... Din has square tittles, the sample's are round; the a looks slightly different (but more like the one in FF Din). The numbers in the sample have been fiddled with and so are inconclusive - they're different sizes and they've been raised and lowered.

Taking a second look, this seems to be lettering that's been applied to glass door or office identification frame, and so may have been customized with those minor alterations (it's pretty easy to rub on a circle instead of a square!)

There are also a lot of different implementations of Din from quite a few different foundries, this could be one of the others., but I couldn't find any with round tittles. There are also a lot of Din-based fonts without "Din" in their names.

- Herb

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PF Din. Round dots on "i", the C looks pretty good to me.

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