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Looking for the font that "Zack" and "Miri" is set in:

Anybody know? Thanks in advance!

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I suspect that this is Bookman Bold that's been squashed and heavily modified.

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Yes it's Bookman, but neither squashed nor modified.
It's Bookman, with Bookman Swash for the capital M and Z.

- Herb VB

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Herb, thanks for pointing out the swash.

I still say it's squashed -- look at the height of the lower-case letters in the logo, and compare with Bookman bold...

It's squashed AND swashed ;)

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The result might have been manipulated - here's a comparison with no compression or manipulation, just two different font sizes for upper case and lower case:

The tittle maintains its original shape (which is very slightly oval), but the tops of the i's and r do look flatter. The r-i ligature is cleaner in the logo, with the tittle appearing to be eliminated and the letterspacing changed. So I agree that the final image was graphically edited or manipulated, but I'm not sure how.

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Nice work ;)

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Depending on how old the logo is, it could be Bookmania.

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