japanese & chinese display fonts / webfonts ?

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does anyone know if there is any source for japanese & chinese display fonts - or even webfonts - (if there are any)?

thank you

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I think you may want to contact fonts.com for this. The issues with Chinese and Japanese webfonts is that you don't want the user to have to download the entire font before seeing anything. I believe that monotype uses subsetting technology to avoid this issue.

Jason C

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Sourceforge.jp has a few font projects that I think you can use as webfonts or, preferably, offer for download and install -- a full Japanese font can easily weigh eight megabytes.

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There are several webfonts services in Japan for Japanese fonts but they all operate in a similar way, they either provide fonts with a limited subset of say 3,000–6,000 glyphs or they want to analyze individual webpages and generate a subsetted font based on the contents of those pages.

I think you probably want to ask "why?" a little more to figure out why this is needed because the solutions aren't necessarily simple.

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