My first font

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Hey folks. I'm starting to learn type design and would love some feedback on what I've got so far.

I'm (obviously) having difficulty with 'c' and even more difficulty with 'e'. There are probably even more flaws that I'm just not seeing right now, but once they are pointed out to me I'll be able to improve.

All criticism is greatly appreciated, thank you!

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I like the conversation "n" and "o" are starting - it's actually quite promising.

The "c" actually seems not too far from a decent form; the "e" though needs to be rethought.

My main question would be: how "dorky" do you want this to be? Do you want the overall texture to be dorky (due mostly to those nice heavy serifs) or do you want individual glyphs to stand out as dorky? If it's the latter, I would say keep the unusually low and left-sitting tittle, the too-heavy beak of the "r", etc.


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Thanks for the feedback.

As far as "dorkiness" goes, I'm okay with this being fairly dorky/whimsical looking. I would rather have the overall texture look dorky than have the specific glyphs stand out. Maybe I'll modify the tittle a bit -- now that you've mentioned it sitting low, it seems a bit _too_ low.

Any suggestions for how to fix the 'e'? I've started it from scratch several times now, without any significant improvements.

(This is the first time I've used "dorky" while talking about typefaces!)

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The 'o' looks a bit tall and narrow to me, but it might just need tighter spacing around it rather than widening.

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You're right -- the 'o' is a bit too narrow. Someone else just pointed that out to me too. The curve of the 'c' looks a bit nicer, I think, and I'll probably redo my 'o' based on that.

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I agree about the 'o' the 'c' looks fine to me, overall this is a very promising project mate good luck!

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