Not a type ID — a *typophile* ID

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Somebody please let me know who guy on the right is:


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That's Jim Wasco from Monotype.

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If you contact the author of the photo, maybe ha has a version with resolution high enough to read the badge.

Edit: as often is the case, I’m late and unhelpful… ;-)

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John, that's what I thought, but the name on the badge seemed too long - was it set in a really wide font? Anyway if you remember seeing Jim in that shirt I guess I'm set - thanks!


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It is indeed Jim Wasco. The typeface used for the badges was Popular.

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What you are seeing is distortion from a wide-angle lens: it tends to be most noticeable at the peripheries. Jim is probably not as wide as he appears in the photo, either…

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Technically speaking, that effect is not called "distortion". It is caused by looking at the picture from too far away - the angle the picture makes to your eye should be the same as the angle the scene made to the camera.

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The typeface used for the badges was Popular.

Close but no cigar, Stewf. Actually, the identity in Milwaukee was set in Receiver — basically a slab companion to Antenna.

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Sorry: if it's not distortion, what is it? Based on the 35mm film format, a "normal" focal length of around 55mm is supposed to mimic what the human eye actually sees—although, typically, portrait lenses have focal lengths of 70-85mm. The referenced photo appears to have a focal length of 30-40mm, I am guessing, which means that objects in the periphery will be "misrepresented" to the eye, and actual photographs make this "misrepresentation" apparent.

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I'm not sure if the effect has a name, but in optics, distortion is a technical term for what a fisheye lens would have done instead.

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Hi All, I'm the author of the picture. It is a fisheye lens in this case and it is Mr. Wasco. (I think).
Lens is the Sigma 15mm f/2.8 in a Canon 5D MK II

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