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Just wondering what comes to mind when you see this... words that come to mind, products you'd associate it with, maybe a year or period/movement in design, anything. If you're not in the mood to be coherent, that's fine, too. I'll listen to whatever feedback you're wiling to broadcast. So, what does it remind you of and with what would you associate it? I'm curious to hear the typophiles perspective. Here it is:


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Femimine pads? :-/
Or maybe something Irish, or botanical.


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For me it seems to be from a big industrial process corporation, maybe involved in pharmaceutical or botannical stuff. Period of time?? hard to tell.

Grupo Desc

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I too made the biological/botanical/pharmaceutic connection, like Hector did.

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Reminds me of the ABC logo,

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It's a very feminine mood logo... what font have your used? Horatio EF Bold? Elemeno Peaches? It's the same as the new LISBOA CM logo:

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I thought extreme sports: snowboarding, skating and the like. Kind of a Tony Hawk / Birdhouse look or Burton logo from years past.

It could also work for a club or dj. Electronic music of some veriety. I'm not getting botanical at at. It's too mechanically consturucted. Maybe and Irish DJ? :-)

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Thanks for your feedback... sometimes an outside opinion is just the ticket. Vive le Typophile!

Hhp, Hector & Santi; Botanical, eh? I like that.

Adriano; I created the typeface in Illustrator but it was based on the circular forms found in the Bauhaus typeface... or maybe it was just based on circles :o) Bauhaus looks alot like the Lisboa logo you'd posted, though... then again, I'm still kind of new at noticing the subtle differences between seemingly similar faces.

Randy; I also made this connection and was afraid that everyone else would too... it's not a bad thing to be, but, for this project I was looking for something else. I was really surprised to see that not everyone made the youth-culture connection, but, I was mostly relieved.


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When I first saw it I actually thought youth, club, dj type stuff too. In subsequent viewings I haven't seen that as much, but maybe that was influenced from reading the other opinions that weren't in that area at all.

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I thought of the NBC logo, the peacock.

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I first thought of two gibbons slapping each other silly with spatulas.

Then I got what some of the others did: ABC logo with one of the NBC peacock's feathers. The cat that ate the canary!

I also see a cross glowing in the center negative space, though this two might be my own subconscious.

The a and d stack looks like APS or spooling film.

Ooooo, and I see a drooping clover.

I didn't get the youth culture angle, except that it's got a future-retro geometric feeling to it.

Does this mean I'm distoibed, Doc?

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so craig what is this logo for?

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Mitchell: Same here.

Wardle: Nice.

Paul: Thanks for your thoughtful reply... that goes for all of you, actually, but Paul gets the direct thanks for some reason... life isn't always fair, I'm told.

Huerta: I'm working on this logo for the "Form and Form" digital art magazine ( I've re-worked the logo a bit and am posting it here in the context of the first issue's cover... we're going to be looking for contributors (artists, photographers, writers, designers, illustrators and, yes, even typographers) soon, so, if you are interested in becoming a contributor... you know, Bookmark the site or send an email to Stay tuned for info and feel free to spread the word.

Thometz: Yeah, it's very similar... it wasn't intentional, but, it's funny how that happens sometimes.


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All in a days work, Craig! ...but I'm still waiting for my psychoanalysis.

I look forward to your first issue. :-)

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Diagnosis? Tubular!

By the way,
you are all invited to become contributors to Form and Form.
All of you.
Not just Huerta.


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Craig -- This pic, above, is this how you will use the logo? Sorry for my peacock comment. However, with the letters separated from the shapes, well I really do like it more this way. For me, it is stronger and more unique. The idea of separating the letters from the shapes.

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I just spent seven thousand hours writing a post in response to all of your comments and now, by no fault of and for reasons too boring to explain, it's all gone. Lame.



It's funny how generic the clover pattern is. Thought I was being kind of clever with this, but, I guess it's true what they say: It's all been done before.

I like the first image you've posted. It's exactly the clean geometric stuff that I like to see. I know it's not up for critique or anything, but I must say, that is one sweet icon. Your book also sounds great.


If anyone asks, you could tell them that you're "crazy... like a fox!" That bit never gets old.


Great! Wasn't offended by the nbc comparison at all. I'm a big fan, no, huge fan of the nbc/peacock logo.,

I'll be a paying member soon. Promise.


P.S. Issue one will be out next monday, June 9th @ This logo, probably, wont be used.

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look familiar?

click here, then check out the planet of the drums logo

These are just the two examples I could think of from the Twin Cities.

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The 'a' and 'd' rather remind me of the icons for old audiocassettes; also this:
<p>milk float w/ logo
<p>. . . and of course cloverleafs as others have mentioned. But I like yours a lot, and sense of irony/vernacular reference that the usage seems to imply.

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