Blackletter typeface quiz.....

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Let's see how good you people are at identifying a particular Blackletter typeface. Image is attached here. Sorry but the inline image posting does not work for me. A clue, the typeface has significance in being the very first Postscript Blackletter typeface ever made using Fontogtapher back in 1986.

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You mean it's NOT Linotext/WeddingText?

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Yep, it's not Linotext or Wedding text....they are similar but there are differences....

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Well, then, my next thought would be Casady & Greene's "Gregorian FLF", since they were among the first producers of digital fonts, and they started about the same time as FOG was first released.

- Herb

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HVB is the winner! Yep it's Gregorian FLF. I remember seeing the Casady and Greene ads in the early Macworld magazines....

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It may interest some that most of the Casady&Greene FLF series is available for free from the typOasis, apparently with permission. Mind, these are TTs, not T1s. Might be good enough, though, for a recapture-your-youth flip.

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There are a very few FLF fonts for which typOasis did not receive permission to post (and so they don't appear there). These include Abelard (by Judith Sutcliffe) and Richard Ware's Garamond family. Ware's Keycaps and his Murmansk and Glasnost groups weren't labeled 'FLF', and are also omitted.

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So, zeno…

Where's HVB's prize? Personally, I like beer for bar-bet wins, but he (or she?) may want something different…

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