(x) Camera - Times New Roman {Colin}

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I like this typeface which is used very small on a cd I own. What is it?

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oh... what's worse is i thought i disliked this typeface. i guess i've got a long way to go.

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And Colin Hartnett joins the Typophile Type-ID Hall of Fame with an impressive 2 minutes!, foiling Stephen in the process. Congrats!

Say Timothy, what do you mean by "what's worse is i thought i disliked this typeface."? I dislike Times New Roman as well and I feel perfectly fine about that. Overuse kills even the best faces, and the times I've seen it used well are very rare indeed.

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My acceptance speech:


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Ah, that sweet blinking e-mail icon. The delightful rush of adrenalin when trying to identify those anonimous characters. The furious scramble to type and link and post and beat everyone else to it. The satisfaction when your post shows up mere seconds before someone else's. (sigh) Isn't life wonderful?

P.S. Which doesn't mean we all procrastiwhatthehell'sthatword? I just drop everything I'm at when I get the notification, and I get back to work afterwards. ;p

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I've got a sneaky suspicion the Typophile clock's gone haywire. Whassup with the time?


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Yves... Here I am putting Times up for indentification which is embarrassing enough. The same Times which I always thought I hated and associated with University paper's I'm now claiming to like. The problem is I never looked at it close enough to make a proper judgement in the first place and being prejudice of anything, even type, is close-minded.

By the way, the cd in which I like the use of Times is Biosphere's Substrata | Man With A Movie Camera, designed by Jon Wozencrof.

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Ah, Stephen, I just realized:

This is another example that illustrates how great a typeface can look in the hands of one designer and how mundane it can look in the hands of another.

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Well, I hate Times New Roman as much as the next high-brow snotty-snobby graphic designer, but it does look gorgeous as used on Mercury Rev's Deserter's Songs (even with the bum apostrophe). And the music is to die for too.

Colin, that's exactly my feeling, perfectly translated by the great Wolfgang Weingart quote: "A good designer can make a beautiful design with an ugly typeface". Not that any typeface is inherently "ugly". Although, Comic Sans... :-)

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> I never looked at it close enough

More like large enough.
In effect, Times is [merely] a pretty display face.


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You hit it on the head there, Hrant. Seeing Times New Roman printed yay big in issue 40 of Eye Magazine completely reconciled me with the old hag.

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I've been Hartnetted!

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