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I'm currently working on the branding for a new organisation and I was helping someone could help me pair up a typeface.

We're under fairly strict confidentiality restrictions with this client, but what I can tell you is that the business will be operating in the student market throughout Europe. At the heart of the brand is a sense of functional simplicity. Nothing is superflous with their products; everything is considered, intelligently designed and included for a reason. Style is important as well but it's very much a brand that is not consciously trying to be cool. As you can see, we're hardly talking distressed/grungy typefaces here.

The primary headline font is Century Gothic Bold, and we're after a complementary sans serif that can be used for body copy, captioning, etc. We've been working with Myriad Pro up until now, so I'd welcome your opinion on that as well as any other suggestions you can throw up.

Many thanks.


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Have you considered a slab serif? Longer passages of text are rarely served well with a sans. Plus with a sans headline, it is much harder to compliment with another sans. I am not saying it can't be done, but it is more often done poorly.

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We're fairly flexible at this stage Luma, happy to look at any recommendations you might have – be it a sans or slab. Appreciate your rationale though, I think we'll cast the net a little wider.

If we do stick to a sans, would Futura be a good match given it was the inspiration for Century Gothic and is more suited to longer passages of text? Or is their similarity precisely the reason you wouldn't pick it?

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What Luma said.
Check this out:


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Serifa, the Light perhaps.

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