INDIANAPOLIS Motor Speedway - Script FONT ID

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Looking for a font similar to this super simple and pretty Script used on the back of this dude's shirt. Anybody know of any good suggestions?

Thanks very much!

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Perhaps one of the HT typefaces?

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Sorry, I can't help you with the font, but where did you get this photo? He's my neighbor!

And if you can't get an answer, the Indianapolis Speedway Museum will know or will know how to find out.

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I think I found it on

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Great! Would you care to share what you found it to be?

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HVB - sorry i meant to say I found the photo on itsnicethat. I tried contacting the IS Museum about the font but got no reply answer from them. Still a mystery I guess...

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It's a 'standard' embroidery alphabet called "Flair Script".


Obviously digital pathways are available, but no ttf (or otf) file that I'm aware of.

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