New Holland Font ID

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Hi all,

Just wondering what fonts are used in the following logo:

So that the New Holland Text and the Agriculture text below.


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AGRICULTURE looks like Gill Sans

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For future reference, please post ID requests on the main Type ID Board:

There is no need to re-post this particular ID. It will be moved for you.

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Not sure "NEW HOLLAND" is a type, more probably a custom job. Part of loosely reminding of Handel Gothic (obviously because of the /E), the type looks very generic and not so memorable. I guess you could easily mimic it by keeping those flat-topped /E, /O and /D (which could have been done using the same letter shape).
Some in the same vein: Forza ("just" need to recreate this Handel-like /E with left half part of /O, extending top and bottom stroke and adding a middle one), Domyouji (bigger customization needed), Traffic Wide

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