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Every time I see the phrase "good web typography", I feel a painful surge of despair. I don't think a good book on "excellent web typography" exists, largely because I don't think it's possible. That said, there's an interesting article on readability on the web in the most recent issue of TYPO magazine, #13.

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the only web typography book that i am aware of, and i own it, it's not bad, but i would recommend you to check it out first in a local store before you buy it.

Great Web Typography by Wendy Peck

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Hi Karl, I'll be moving your request to General Discussions.

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If you spoke German this would be good to start with:
"Typo und Layout im web" by Ulli Neutzling
The book helped me, as I was working on a project a couple
of years ago but since the web is such a versatil medium I don't
know which one is good in the moment.
So I think I join you in the question about excelent books, updated
and in english about typography in relation to website design.
Any sugestions?



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sorry for the last 2 links i mean the main fonts used in 'chris and ted' and 'lucky 13 film inc'

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Does anybody have any recommendations of excellent typography books in relation to website design?



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