Blackletter type quiz....

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What Blackletter typeface is feature throughout the Juthro Tull album titled "Aqualung"?

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You should use the Edit link to move the thread to the Type ID Board.
In the meantime, as a public service:

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It could have included an image such as this.

(all with a bar added to the /r)

Gothique MN (Mecanorma)
Fette Gotische (URW)
Gotische EF (Elsner & Flake)
Steelplate Textura (Dieter Steffmann)

- Herb

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Apparently there are different versions of the album typeface.....This is the version I am referring to.....

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all with a bar added to the /r

Actually, they just replaced |r| with |x|.

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Mixing the r and x is apparently a fairly common mistake. I've even seen that done on a German book cover.

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The typeface in question looks like a squashed Notre Dame by Karl Georg Höfer.

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Renko is the winner ;) ;)

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