Please critique my mark

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I have set myself a challenge to work on my logo and illustrator skills that are sorely lacking, as such this is not a professional project but an exercise.

The mark is for Lotus F1, they are an British motorsport team racing in formula one. They have a rich heritage in the sport, and have in the past being very successful team. I set myself a short brief...
- Create an timeless icon, without bowing to current trends
- Display the heritage of the team

After a long sketching process, I have arrived with the attached solution.
- The unlying motif is a speedbird, the iconic symbol of speed with strong ties to Britain.
- The 7 lines represent the 7 constructors world championships the team has won
- The "CC" within the wheel are the initials of the founder, Colin Chapman.
- I have refined the motif to emulate the unique nose of the current car.

Before I redraw this rough sketch I would love some honest critique and suggestions to improve the mark. At this point, the type is just to show lockup.
- Is the concept too weak? Too complicated?
- Does the mark feel imbalanced?

Any and all input appreciated, thank you.

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I only see 6 lines?

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Oops, good catch. I have updated the attachment – thank you.

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I've added a different sketch below, perhaps this is a bit stronger?

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I feel that you are trying to do a bit too much with the logo. It's a bird, it's a car, it has initials. Maybe reduce the load a bit and focus on 2 of those 3 things.

As for type, the '1' seems to be an important element, but is lacking in that particular face. It's the runt of the litter compared to the rest.

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