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Need some of you pros to get in and get all over this.


A friend and i have been trying to put together a name to work under. Though our first "Fancy Lads Design Club" is very amusing, we felt we made need to be a bit less sarcastic and more professional.

So this is our follow-up. Gestalting. We are subversively mocking the English language and it making any word a verb and the our own profession in a way. Though I know it is gestalten "to give shape or form" in German, the english definition of "gestalt" is sort of boggling when it is so simple in German.

"an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts."

Here is another interesting summation:

This 'gestalt', or 'whole form' approach sought to isolate principles of perception; seemingly innate mental 'laws', which determined the way in which objects were perceived.

So what we took from it was the idea of that the whole is greater when the pieces work together.

I know the one looks like a Cingular-conjoined twin!

And i have also unintentionally created something within the mark by fulfilling the whole. Does that make any sense?

Give me some thoughts on color, shape, placement and other things you see or don't see.


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In response to myself, I may have to explore more options as related to these laws.

Law of Closure- if something is missing, our mind adds it

Law of Similarity- our mind groups similar things together

Law of Proximity- things that are close together are seen as belonging together

Law of Symmetry- symmetrical images are seen as belonging together regardless of distance

Law of Continuity- our mind continues a pattern even after it stops

Figure-ground- minds have an innate tendency to perceive one aspect of an event as the figure or foreground and the other as the ground or the background

3a and 3b fit into the last. For good or bad, i would like some help on that.

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Here is another variation using the principles more closely or loosely(depending on viewer).

The idea related to the name is that a viewer will in some way close off that space missing. It also could also be an unclosed circle that could represent, the distance we have come in regards to design and where we all now fit.

Just food for thought.

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Hey Josh, I'd like to comment but am quite busy right now. Tomorrow probably. Keep putting up those explorations, but keep in mind what the big idea is, since that'll help keep you from drowning in possibilities.

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Sorry I have taken so long to update anything about this project.

Here is a final look:

gestalting logo

I am feeling mostly positive about it. Though I would like to get some thoughts about it vitality and whether its something that has promise and can stand out by name and the mark as a whole.

I'll wait to open the can of worms later. Feedback is needed and appreciated.

Oh and if the semi-bold part looks funny(since you all have great eyes), its because I redrew it until I feel confident enough to invest the money in the full character set.


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So I read through that Alessandro. Are you implying that its too complex, too simple or completely literal and unimaginative?

Thank you for the reading also. I do admire the MIT boys and hope that someday I could be half as smart as them.

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I was not impying anything.
Josh Peters,
I can tell you I like 3b, and maybe the symbol
could replace the 'i' dot on a bolder steady sans.
Just a quick link it was, happened to bookmark yesterday.
I still have to eat, me starving, think I'll cook a gestaltbroth now,
I have in f proximity some old bread wanna roast.


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