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Hi all,

I've been in love with the font of the Ogilvy signature logo. Wanted to know if anyone knows if this font exists or could point me to a similar one. Check out the image here: http://blog.customcontentcouncil.com/?attachment_id=1587


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You should use the Edit link to move the thread out the "Solved IDs" section up to the main Type ID Board.

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You’re kidding, right?

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Not kidding. Interested to know this font or one similar. Thanks for your help! :-)

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It’s a signature.
I don’t know how you sign stuff, but I usually take a pen and write my name with it.

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Why does everybody think every bit of lettering is a font nowadays?

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It is indeed a font. It's just that every character is a tracing of the entire "Ogilvy" signature...

Nick, the only "thinking" going on in cases like this is wishful thinking.


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Hi. Thanks for the snarky responses.

I know this is a signature. Per the original question I am looking for this font OR A FONT THAT RESEMBLES THIS FONT .

Help me out with a little creative collaboration please :-)

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You might like FF Mister K.

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