le monde newspaper font?

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Hi guys! anyone recognise what font this is? or something close?

many thanks


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Probably a custom font from a Fraktur style. See some example here : http://www.myfonts.com/search/fraktur/fonts/

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Probably not a font at all. Like most newspaper nameplates, this is a custom design, loosely based (as are some other newspaper nameplates) on the general forms found in Engravers Old English. It's possible that someone has created a font based on those few letters, much as Carter has created and used "Fraktur Six" for internal use at the New York Times.

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Custom logotype and bespoke typography by Jean-François Porchez.
Some very loosely similars: Germanica, Cabazon, Old English, Old London (have also a look to Fraktur and Blackletter fonts by Dieter Steffmann)

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cheers guys! appreciate your help

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