Other Chromatic Typefaces like History

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I'm interested in layered fonts like History (Typotheque), I've looked on Myfonts with the chromatic tag and they all look very similar, even the H&FJ one isn't that interesting...

edit: Just found Funcity

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Minimum has an interesting bi-chromatic effect with horizontal and vertical lines.

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We wrote a piece on Webfonts.info about layered type. It's a CSS tutorial but we featured several examples of stackable type.


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Plenty of chromatics at House’s Photo-Lettering service:


Two of my favorites: Quintet & Eventide.

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Cassandre’s Bifur. Digital version by P22/IHOF http://p22.com/ihof/bifurset.html

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Here’s one I developed for The Globe and Mail:

This was set by typing PpEeXx.
The majuscule characters provide the outline of the glyph, the minuscule the body; each character is half the width of the composite glyph.
The advantage of this method is that there are no layers with the resulting issue of selection and registration, and one may adjust colors in the color palette without selecting any of the text.
The disadvantage is that it only works for one case of letters.

It would work with normal text if “one to many” substitutions were implemented in OpenType.

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I find it retarded in 2012 that this capability isn't already built into OTF

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And the one that is almost never used chromatically: Rosewood.

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Ironic indeed that Rosewood Fill got more usage than the two-tone version.

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How hard would it be to include layers with assignable rgb color codes in OTF?

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> How hard would it be to include layers with assignable rgb color codes in OTF?

Well, it would require extensions to the OpenType format, such as those proposed by Microsoft, Adobe+Mozilla, or Google. http://blog.fontlab.com/font-tech/color-fonts/color-font-format-proposals/

This stuff is all implemented and working somewhere, but there is no standard across platforms and major apps. (Apple's own take has not been proposed as a standard, but it is a bitmap format like Google's.)

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