Altsoft FTMaster 1.3 released

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FTMaster version 1.3 is released
March 3, 2005
Altsoft N.V.

Altsoft N.V. announces the release of FTMaster version 1.3, the font editing and conversion tool.

The update contains:
- improved encodings creation and editing;
- glyph outlines normalization;
- the batch font renaming tool;
- font preview generation.

The new version can be downloaded at:

It is free for all users of versions 1.x.

The retail price of FTMaster is 199$.

Additional details on FTMaster can be found at:

For any additional information please visit our web site or e-mail to

Best Regards,
Altsoft N.V.

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You only had to spam us once. ;o)

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Sorry, but server reply message was "Error 500" any time :-)

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