Machete & Bayoneta, a handcut affair

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We are proud to announce the release of two different new fonts. A 50% discount is being offered for a Limited Time.

Machete is the hulky, overfed distant cousin of Bayoneta. Enthusiastically in your face and full of humour, Machete is exactly the kind of big alphabet that takes a skinny actress camping at the top of a really tall building downtown. If you don't think this sort of date is interesting enough, try cramming these letters on your next tub of comfort food, road trip comedy, or assault rifle packaging and see. Machete don't text. Machete roars!

Bayoneta is not your usual handcut alphabet, though it can seem so. It can also seem like carefully constructed lettering inspired by Polynesian cultures. By bridging that gap between knife-wielding kitsch and studied display lettering, Bayoneta offers quite a various range of theme possibilities. Its clear and attractive shapes can provide the eye-catching spontaneity on a book cover, the expressive shout on a skateboard or a muscle shirt, the mouth-watering brand on a protein bar package, or the main notice on a theme park ride sign.

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Machete is all-caps looks great! Neuland 2.0? :-)


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Great stuff Ale. Good luck!

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Hrant, maybe Koch-iupa? :P

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Thanks Craig, from time to time we escape from scripts :)

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Oh wow! That's something different. Very nice.

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Oops! Days late and $19.50 short.

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