Love this font!! Anyone know what it is?

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Love this font!! Anyone know what it is? Or was it hand done?

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Here is one very close. I think there are a few fonts out there based on the same historical model.

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See: Music Hall Text (Page 110, Solotype Catalog)

All implementations have minor variations from each other and from the original design, which was Teuton Text from the Cincinnati Type Foundry in 1877. Some of these were scanned and traced, and show it.

Tondella (Intellecta). Also has lined and outline variants.
Aeronaut (FaceType), as cited by Stephen Rapp, above.
Rheingold (Scriptorium)
Aridi29 (Aridi)
MusicHall (WSI)

- Herb

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wow... so helpful! thank you!!!

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