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This is designed for a woman's clothing line that is known for her billowy beaded tops but also wants to venture into a more aggressive line, so I need to make sure that this logo will not only hold up for a while but feel feminine yet can hold up during a goth or punk phase.

My main concern is that I can't seem to find the right typeface for the last name Stensson. Right now I am using Scala but want something that has more of an edge but is still feels classic enough to create contrast between the first name and second. Any suggestions of anykind will be of help! I am still trying to tweek the Lotta as well, but feel that the Stensson part needs more immediate attention.

Please let me know what you are getting from this.
lotta logo

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It is very visually appealing, however it does lead to some difficulties.

I think the A in lotta is somewhat hard to read. It seems more of an e or complex o.

As for the stensson, I like the idea of a small simple font. Try experimenting with various sans-serif fonts and see if that helps. It also seems that it should be a bit to the right, as there is a space between the n of stensson and the a of lotta that looks like it should have something.

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I like the logo. If the "A" is hard to read, maybe rotating the crossbar alittle clockwise would solve that. For the last name, have you tried Trajan? The upper case "E" has a devious attitude about it.

Good job! Nice mark.

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Perhaps Mason sans might work if yu don't use the ievrtky decorated letters, but rather some of the alternates.

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Logo is very beautiful. I think the sharpness is a bit too much for women. It lacks sensuality. A is clever but not an easy read.

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I think thats one fabulous logotype..
Very nice lettering on 'Lotta'..

But, I may second Ole on the 'sharpness' part..

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is it just me or should the stensson move a bit over to the right? I like the lotta, even the a, but it'll need lots of white space around it.

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