Temple expiatori de la Sagrada Familia

Hello typophile,

I'm wracking my brain trying to identify this typeface, and what makes it worse is that I believe I once identified it and have since forgotten. My mind is a sieve, but I usually remember font names, apparently not this time.

The closest I could come up with would be a condensed version of Sahara Bodoni, but I fear it's actually a Didot and not a Bodoni. Another one that was suggested to me was Bitstream Industrial 700, but I was told that is not quite correct either.

It's lovely and driving me mad, any ideas?

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Reminds me of ITC Didi. My ITC Specimen book is not handy, but looks very close.

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Norbert, I just spoke with Stephen Coles and he agrees with you.

This is what he told me.
This series has been on Typophile a few times. As I remember the publisher digitized ITC Didi, a 1970s photo font. It's not available publicly. Similars include Didona, Moderno, Benton Modern, and Veer/Jukebox's digitization of Pistilli Roman.

I guess the case is closed, thank you both Norbert and Stephen.

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But what a horrible choice for a book about one of the most awesomely organic buildings in the world.


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Agreed, Hrant. Especially since I recall seeing several beautiful Catalan type designs while in Barcelona. I don't know of any lettering directly attributed to Antoni Gaudí either... Anyone?

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