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Downloaded from the Supreme Court website—

August 16, 2007
(Updated – 10/23/08)
FROM: Clerk of the Court
SUBJECT: Revised Supreme Court Rules
The Supreme Court recently revised its Rules of the Court, effective October 1, 2007. The revised Rules contain changes that are important to you and parties filing documents in this Court. This memorandum is designed to outline some of the most important changes.
Revised Rule 33.1 requires word, rather than page, limits. The typeface must be in a 12-point. The typeface of footnotes must be in 10-point type. Rule 33.1(h) provides that documents prepared under Rule 33.1 must be accompanied by a certificate signed by the attorney or preparer of the document stating that the brief complies with the word limitations. The certificate should not be bound with the brief. Preparers may rely on the word count of the word-processing system used to prepare the document. Footnotes must be included in the word count. The certificate must state the number of words in a document.
The count certification may be worded as follows:
“As required by Supreme Court Rule 33.1(h), I certify that the document contains _____ words, excluding the parts of the document that are exempted by Supreme Court Rule 33.1(d).
“I declare under penalty of perjury that the foregoing is true and correct.
“Executed on _____________, 20___.
_____________________ (Signature)”

Who owns the most extensive collection of Supreme Court approved typefaces? Also relevant to many other previous threads.

So: I cannot even use my own fonts to prepare an amicus curiae brief before the Supreme Court; OR

a complete legitimate case can be thrown out on appeal for not having prepared the original documents in a Monotype-owned typeface?

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Oops: forgot to remove "strong" tag and cannot edit. Odd.

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Good thing I use MS Word to keep me from perjuring myself.

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