True 1x1 pixel typeface [experiment]

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What do you think of my typeface RGB and ROYGBIV.
I wanted to see If it were possiable to make a true 1x1 typeface readable. here is what i came up with.
ROYGBIV is the order of colors of the rainbow if anyone dosn't know.


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Full color version is still in the works.
Also numbers would be spelled there is only 26 characters and each character is lower and upper case letter. everything else is spelled.

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i'm all for experimentation, and am entirely willing to crash and burn if it means i stand the chance of a) succeeding or b) learning.

so, i applaud your willingness to share your concept.

however, this one is a bit beyond my reach.

in short, i'm not sure if you're just having a little fun with the folks here at the forum, or if you're really wanting feedback that will guide you to some goal-driven end.

how are individual pixels of color going to take on the role of recognizable letterforms without a translator?

i can't read rainbows, but i appreciate their beauty.

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I wanted to make a 1 pixel typeface that was in some way readable.Iv always liked the font in Windows called small font[s]it had the letters at 2 pixels at starting point and iv always wondered if it was possiable to make a 1 pixel typeface readable. How does a person know the alphabet unless they learn it, its same thing, you have to learn everything. If you go to another country how do you know what letter is which and what it means. Why stop at shapes when you can communicate using color.

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good point about learning how to read other languages.

but how are you going to come up with 26 different colors that will be distinguishable enough from one another to function as letters in an alphabet unless you treat the colors like phone keys?

take 1800-collect, for example. each key on the phone can be three or even four different characters...

it'll be interesting to see where you take this.

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I have started making the full version and its possiable to have a 26 character set, but not all fonts have a working 26+ character set take 3x3 pixel font for example or even 2x2 the 2x2 lower case b looks great 2 pixels on the left side one pixel on the bottom right and you have a nice bold lower case b blow that up in vector and it looks nice! iv always been a fan of small fonts some of them don't fully work but they have nice characters that can be used, look at the LFO album cover using 3x3 pixel font that F is NICE!. The 26 1px color character set is possiable Cc could be Cyan Ll lime green and so on, i havn't decided on the final colors for the full 26 character set, ROYGBIV is usable and so it RGB as long as it has the characters u need. Know what i mean?

DOH! i just realized i spelled my nickname wrong hehe oh well.

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