Font RMX Tools Harmonizer does little?

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Downloaded the demo version of Font RMX Tools today and tried out the Harmonizer. It didn't really seem to change much. Am I missing something here? Is this only designed to work on glyphs with a lot of extra points, or only incredibly ugly ones or something? I tried it out on some glyphs that had already been manually optimized and nodes moved to extremes, but still had some ugly to my eye curves, and really nothing at all changed.

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The harmoniser will optimise the curve mathematics of the curves you have: it won't make ugly curves into beautiful ones, it will just make them optimised ugly curves. I find it most useful when a curve is pretty much how I want it to be, where it will just refine slightly the node positions to make a smoother transition between the curve segments. If the harmoniser causes a really large change, that's generally a sign that your curve is not well constructed to begin with, so in general you don't really want it to do very much.

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What John said.

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hmmmm, interesting. Thanks guys.

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