Wow, thanks, type guys.

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A couple days away tryingfutilely to deal effectively with my wife's Korsakoff Amnesic Psychosis sure puts my personal and artistic worth in perspective. Long live Big Money: hearts of gold!

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As you wish…

Attention, Hall Monitors, otherwise known as Monotype, Inc., its progenitors, successors and assigns:

Please provide this forum with total gross sales figures from all fonts originally created by himself,
during any three-year period from 2000 through 2012, your choice. This is the number I seek.

Second, please inform me of the legal maneuvers I must undergo in order to liberate all fonts bearing the suffix NF from your control;

Whereupon, remove all of the same from any and every website under your control.

Compliance is optional, of course; however, any and all responses MUST be posted both in this forum, in this thread, and in writing, protected by Registered Mail, to my address of record, known to all.

As you sow, so shall ye reap.

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To [email address redacted]


Well, if I give away the store, you might be in for a heap of trouble.

Current pricing methods place the value of the collection at $225,00-300,000 if untarnished. Obviously, the money would be nice, but a tax deduction would be, too.

Giving it away would require an administrator to distribute a certain number of fonts to schools and universities with type design programs, with the idea of lettering students improve and add to the products as they see fit. Ideally, other designers could serve as guest mentors/lecturers in their geographical areas, if they choose. The finished products would then be amalgamated into a new collection, with a LUV prefix. These fonts would then be "given" away as "free with purchase" incentives for any foundry wishing to use them as such. Of course, the latter plan would require some additional revenue stream, which has been difficult without a single AI guru's help.

Oh, well: you were intrigued, and a guy can dream.

Keep the faith, bro.


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I’m not into law or economics but, given that Monotype is publicly traded, aren’t they legally obligated to share their numbers? While not specific, check out page 28 of 2011:

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Thanks for the link. I, for one, find it odd that such vital partners are treated as less than equal. Hmmmm, Billy Idol notwithstanding. Or dancing. With himself. As if.

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> given that Monotype is publicly traded, aren’t they
> legally obligated to share their numbers?

The government requires publicly-traded companies to reveal certain numbers, but not sales figures of individual products.

For example, it made news this week that Apple (a publicly-traded company) revealed sales of iPod Touches for the first time, a number that they'd kept secret for years.

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So, I dont understand, are you trying to get all your fonts back from Monotype? I don't know how this would really help you out. Honestly it will probably just piss off a potential buyer. Why don't you contact them and see if they are interested in owning them outright instead of just making them angry at you? Then if they show no interest, then you can bring in the hardcore 'ok then give me all of them back' strategy.

Of course maybe that's not what you're doing.

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FWIW, it's not impossible to terminate your agreement with them, do you still have the original paperwork? Have you written Bill Davis?

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@Ryan Maelhorn—

The only fonts I am "trying to get back" from Monotype are the ITC fonts; so far, the MyFonts folks have been treating me very well, and Bitstream better than most.

I believe what I said is that I want a figure for the market value of my inventory, at which time, I will pull all of the fonts over which I have proprietary rights, then assign those rights to an independent trust, which will in turn distribute them to learning institutions as described previously. In other words...

1. Set a market value, then 2. Liquidate my holdings. Capisce?

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Once again: chickens come home to roost.

Okay: no more Mr. Nice Guy. As soon as I can figure out how to post a crowdfunding project with a know payoff but not set upper monetary limit, I will begin preparing a case in concert with my baby brother—Tracy P. Curtis, J.D., Tulane—to present to the U.S. District Court in New Orleans.

On the same note, as of today, I have suspended all technical support for non-commercial products.

As soon as the possible defendants figure out what's going on, contact me. One amount of compensation determines any equal amount of compensatory damages. My name is my brand; co-conspirators can be easily named; lack of a conspiracy then becomes the defendant's burden to disprove.

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