Type samples that tell a story

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In the hope of arresting the attention of designers whose eyes glaze over at the appearance of the 'Quick brown fox' and other whacky pangrams, I've taken to telling a short story in my type samples, and I offer the idea to you (so you know you heard it here first!) See attached png for 'Contessa', and look out for more in the pipeline from my foundry (Studio-K at myfonts.com). Your comments are invited.

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Great idea but, "(so you know you heard it here first!)" isn't really true. Many others before us have done this over the years.

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Done that with Finnegan setting a chapter from Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake around 1995, which certainly wasn’t a new idea in those times …

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Old ATF type specimens tell the story of Prohibition in the US. Pre-1920 specimens use the pangram Pack my box with five dozen liquor jugs. Prohibition-era specimens say Pack my box with five dozen jugs (which isn't technically a pangram, lacking the l, q, and r).

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I use a story/poem of Joe Magarac and JohnHenry for my steel industry related stencil font. http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/dezcom/dez-yinznat-stencil/gallery.html

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