Multiple alternates in FontLab

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How do I create multiple alternates with salt code?
Right now I've got:

feature salt { # my Stylistic Alternates
sub a by a.1;
} salt;

I've got four stylistic alternates for the letter a. When I try to add them to the code FontLab says "Multiple substitution not yet supported"

Is there a way around that? The result I'm looking for is to view all versions of letter a in InDesign glyph window "Show alternates for selection".

Any help with this is appreciated!

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feature ornm
sub a from [a.1 a.2 a.3];

[w moim foncie są to gwiazdki, ale masz dowód, że to działa]

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Dziekuje! Will try this right away.


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Fantastic – it works. Thank you ever so much.


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