LOL, I hate it too..

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I like Copperplate Gothic, since I fondly remember it from the letter bricks to spell out your own words in LEGO from my childhood.

But, yes, its range of applicability is limited.

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Watching Chris Mathews... Still hate this font....

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I hate wood screws when they puncture my tyre.

I love wood screws when joining two bits of wood.


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But in what proportion do they end up doing each?

Contrast wood screws with cockroaches.


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Copperplate without the serifs is actually a nice Sign Painters Gothic.

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Recently more tyre than wood.

If it wasn't for bad luck,

I wouldn't have no luck at all.


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It’s the execution of the “ticks” that rubs people the wrong way.
Had it been done differently, the face might have some of the “agate for display” cachet of Bell Centennial, for instance.

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I agree Nick. Its funny because a lot of people hate Papyrus and Copper Plate but I think they are nice typefaces myself.

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