Typeface for California Beach Lifestyle

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Please suggest some typefaces which reflect California Beach Lifestyle. Type will be placed on a front of a beverage packaging in 20+ point size.

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Here's one for your consideration.
Santa Cruz from Wilton Type Foundry

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This assignment will be worth 25% of your final grade.

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The "California beach lifestyle," insofar as you may be thinking of surfers, skateboarders, Muscle Beach, and Jeff Spicoli, existed for about a nanosecond back in the middle 60s. (I'm a native Californian from that era.) Today, pick something that any marketdroid would like. Palm tree glyph optional.

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many thanks for the suggestions.

have a good day.

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Try Calypso from Studio-K at myfonts.com See attached image. Font is at half price this month.

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