Caslon or Baskerville?? Swedish paperback, 1967

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I really enjoy reading this serif, and I believe it's a Caslon, but unfortunately it does not match any digitized set I have come across. I would be very thankful for any suggestions for what might resemble this.

Sorry for the lousy image; I don't have a proper camera at hand.

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Open lower-bowl-g: Baskerville.

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Thanks, Jan. This is one of the things that has me confused. That glyph belongs in Baskerville, but the letters don't have that characteristic wide feeling that comes with Baskerville. I find the round and balanced shape much more reminiscent of Caslon... But then I don't really know this stuff, so I'm thankful for any kind of input.

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Well, it may all depend on which Baskerville you look at:
The characteristic wide feeling you mention may just be that of ITC New Baskerville:

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Yeah, I've looked at every single Baskerville I could find, but they all feel heavier and more square-ish than this. But now I am more or less convinced that this is indeed a Baskerville, only a cut which is not available today in digital form. Thanks for your help.

If anyone knows a Baskerville with this round feeling, I'd really appreciate a tip.

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The lack of kerning, and the «amputated» italic f tell me that it’s probably the Linotype machine version of Baskerville. But the digital Linotype version won’t give you the same feel.

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That's probably spot on, Jens. I hate kerned fonts, characters getting all intimate with each other! Give me back glyphs with carefully perfected spacing! Give me back that sober amputated italic f!

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I checked some metal Baskervilles with nothing similar.
Isn't it a work of Berlingska Stilgjuteriet?

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Give me back that sober amputated italic f!
It reminds me of this one:

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Michel: That's a very interesting thread -- thank you! I have actually seen that italic f in several metal Caslons, that I have also been chasing in digital form.

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I compared your sample to a 1960s Linotype catalogue. The Baskerville shown in it is close, but not an exact match.

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