Adobe Source Sans

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Where's all the posts/ discuss on Adobe's release of Source Sans?

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Lecture room 5b.

Edit: This is a Discworld reference. $WEBSEARCH is your friend.

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Well, here's one!

I think Paul did a great job, especially with the American gothics angle.

And kudos to Adobe, once again.


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Agreed, @hrant. The Eurogrot look is getting a tad naff.

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Already much earlier did Adobe made a typeface open source, this was an early version of Utopia. It can be found searching the web for “adobe utopia latex”. However this version of Utopia was even further improved (hopefully) and expanded and is released under the name Heuristica/Evristika, the latter being the russian transliteration of its name.

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flooce - that jogged my memory big time :)
X11 still bundles Utopia, but it's not installed in the default X11 fonts. I'm curious if the original 'free' utopia release was just the fonts, or source files too, and might they still be still knocking around?

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The original files provided by Adobe are, so far as I know, those listed at the URL

Those fonts come installed with MacTeX 2012 (and I presume also TeX Live). When installed,

    kpsewhich putr8a.pfb

tells you where the regular is located.

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Thanks. The files provided at are same as the original fonts donated from Adobe. First donated in '92, kept in 'free/not free limbo' for 14 years, and finally confirmed as free 2006. Or something like that.

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