(x) The New Zealand Herald masthead - custom designed {Mica}

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Any goes at which font set this type logo?

Cheers.The New Zealand Herald

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Ooo I know this one!

Restored and refined by Jim Parkinson

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That is true, Jim Parkinson did restore it, but is there a Font that it is based on or would Jim have created this from scratch? In perticular the Capital Z, N and H. I have not seen other BlackLetter fonts like it; not yet. Jim has the font Amador but it is not the same as this.

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I've never seen a Z like that before either. The exact logo you've posted is no doubt custom lettered and not a font.

If you can find example of the masthead before the refinement you could see if the Z was part of the restoration.

There's more than a couple of black letter experts around here, hopefully they can shed some more light.

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Jim doesn't need templates of any kind ... too talented if you ask me. ;^)

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