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I just realized my version of Font Nuke is not compatible with OS X Mountain Lion.

Is there a way to manually clear font caches? I have an older version of FontExplorer that really doesn't work for clearing either Application or System caches. I really just need those for Adobe Illustrator cleared for the moment.

Is there an easy way to clear font caches using Terminal? Does it require restart?

I'm not sure when FontNuke will release a compatible version.

Please advise.


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Via the terminal, you can use atsutil to clear system font caches for the current user:
atsutil databases -removeUser

Or for all users and the system:
sudo atsutil databases -remove

Then shutdown and restart ATSServer:
atsutil databases -shutdown
atsutil databases -ping

Illustrator's font cache is stored at:
~/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Adobe Illustrator CS[x]/en_US/IllustratorFnt.lst

Also, the maintenance utility Onyx has been updated for Mountain Lion. The font options are found under Cleaning > Fonts.

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