Why never to specify 'Small Fonts' in style sheets

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Heh. I was just browsing the link that Paul Davidson posted in this post several weeks back, and noticed something really strange: some of the links were illegible at my default font size.

mania? pashino? draigon?

Why? It seems the designers of the site in question decided that the navigation bar should be set in the Windows bitmap font known as "Small Fonts". There was no "Small Fonts" bitmap at my default font size, so Windows simply took the smallest size and scaled it appropriately!

Interestingly enough, the problem was fixed by

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OK, the corrected post, with images, is here;


Any way to delete posts? I didn't realize at the time I posted that PNG images weren't allowed... until I got an error message directly after I uploaded the images, telling me I couldn't use that format. And then it posted my message anyway! <muttering...>

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