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Hey, figured I'll introduce myself first. My name is Andreas, 16 years old, live in Malm

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Hello Andreas,

It makes me happy to see people your age interested in font design! Is this done for a school project or just for fun?

Your font is hard to critique because I'm not sure what you are trying to accomplish with it. There are a lot of geometric sans out there, and I have difficulty seeing what makes yours unique. The cap "S" is probably the most interesting letter simply because of its irregularities. Perhaps you could shake up the other characters as well?

Sometimes it helps to "file" a font and begin with a new one. Then you can return to the old one with a different perspective.

Don't abandon it though. You just need to figure out what makes it unique.

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This is a personal little project, just for fun. A friend of mine called Peter started studying typography at school and as soon as he told me about all the serif's, ligatures and so on I was hooked.

At first i didn't really have any goals with magma more than to design my own first typeface and make it look good. It's really entertaining tho, so I'll keep developing typefaces.

I'll try to make it a bit more unique.

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