Salt Sans

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Here's a new sketch I've been drawing. I wanted to combine industrial, machinelike feeling with a more humanistic approach.
At the moment I'm only sketching lowercase, trying to figure out where it's possible to go with this.

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Neat. The distinctive details of this are clever for practical reasons, which is a rare thing.

I think the tail end of /j/ stands out too much and wants thinning.

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I think maybe you should consider take a look at the contrasts.
The way you go with the "n" is a little bit different from what you have with the round shapes, like the "b" "p".

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Thanks Bruno, exactly the kind of advice I was looking for.

Also I've found use for this face. We are going to use it for an art universitys magazine in similar wain that Japanese have used din (bold, large spacing).

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Nice, other thing.
Maybe you should take a look at the way your "s" and "k" are going.
The top curves should be a bit smaller than the bottom. I think, and the k, you should try to equalize the countershapes. I 've made a sketch for you.

Thanks. This is a great project. Good luck!

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