Auto-delete duplicated nodes

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Hi everyone

I wonder if there is an "autodelete-function" for getting rid of duplicated nodes in Fontlab. example:
I'm creating a pixelfont in Illustrator. I group the pixels to one path. Then i do object/path/simplify (option straight lines 90

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1. If you're in a Glyph Window and enable View / Show Layer / FontAudit, you will see various outline problems including empty lines (i.e. duplicated nodes). You can click on the red arrows and choose "Fix" or "Fix All".

2. If you're in the Font Window, you can select all glyphs (Edit / Select All) and use Tools / Outline / Optimize, which will remove the duplicated nodes as well. You can run it 2 or 3 times to make sure it got rid of all the problems.

Adam Twardoch
Fontlab Ltd.

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Wow now thats a fast and good news!
Can't wait tomorrow to try.Thanks a lot!

By the way, another thing i recently observed is when copy/pasting caracters from illu to fontlab they sometimes change size compared to the ones i pasted another day (like a pixel higher for ex). I really carefully compared the size in illu, they have exactly the same height as the one i already pasted some days ago so they are at the good size when copying, and then when pasting them into fontlab they seem to "grow" a tiny bit.
Here's a concrete example:
I did the lowercase "a" a week ago. Today i create an "

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