Selling my 1912 American Specimen Book of Type Styles

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I am selling my 1912 American Specimen Book of Type Styles. I would love to see it end up in a loving home.

The condition is incredible for such a old heavy tome. The cover is discolored, but very much intact. I've seen other copies where the hardcover is falling apart, but not mine. The binding is excellent. The pages are bright white, with very little yellowing from age. There is one page that I know of that has two very small images cut out, and one page with a few notations. Almost every page is in very good to excellent condition. It appears that it originally belonged to the Tribune newspaper in Wakarusa, Indiana, as indicated by the pencil inside the front cover that says "Tribune Wakarusa Ind." Please PM me for photos or with any questions. Asking $1295. I also made a video of me flipping through it that I plan to upload to youtube.


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$1295? You're about $1000 above a generous market price.

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I am into old books, and while the binding is in very good shape, I would not call that binding "excellent"....There are lots of very obvious wear signs in many places on it, some heavy wear like at the bottom of the book at its spine.....Your a bit to generous there I feel in the use of the word excellent.

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Thanks for the input. Kind of was hoping for that as well. I did change the term excellent in another place I listed this, but forgot to in what I wrote here. I agree. I listed at that price compared to two other copies on amazon at or over $1000, that seemed to be in worse condition than mine.

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I recommend checking the Completed Auctions listing on eBay and see what that edition may have sold for there. I have the same edition as well as several older ones and didn't pay anywhere close to what you are asking.

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Weren't some of those type books bound in leather? I would imagine the leather versions are quit rare........The hard binding yours is in is very common for that time period for many books that size...I have a 2 volume set of a famous Philosophy text book made in 1894 that looks very much like that same binding material.

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I mean, you can ask for whatever you want, but the average price for that book is about $250.

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Aaron, you should never use Amazon's used book prices as a guide to market value. There is a whole subset of Amazon sellers who float ridiculously high prices for books that they don't even have copies of; then they wait for a bite from a naïve buyer before locating a copy at a much lower price and selling it on. These people are scumsucking parasites on the book trade enabled by Amazon's indiscriminate seller registration policy.

Jackson is right about the average price for that book, and that price is only so high because it is relatively rare. From the perspective of content, the 1923 ATF specimen book is the one to own, and it can be had for $125.

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Thanks for the perspective. If anyone would like to make an offer much lower than the price I initially posted, please do. I will not price it so high now. Thanks

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A few shots of some specimen pages would help.

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Here is the link to my youtube video:
Let me know if you want more photos after seeing it and I will post some.

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I will entertain reasonable offers for mine…if, in turn, they entertain me.

Contact me by snail mail—whois has my address. Whoelse has it may be good or bad news.

P.S. 1927 pretty-good; BB&S #25 and/or #9 (cut apart, rather than falling part) may also entertain others as much as they entertained me. Lotsa other good stuff, too…including fonts which MAY still be available on the internet. Will consider trades for non-alcoholic Schlitz…if it exists.

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