Bitstream Vera

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Anyone have any clue when Bitstream will finally release Vera, the free, openly-licensed version of their Prima screen fonts? Sure, they

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BITSTREAM VERA HAS BEEN RELEASED. We can now put an end to all the speculation.

Pick 'em up at the Gnome FTP site:

Bitstream Vera

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Is that nice of them, or what?


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Thank you Cody, the Vera monospaced is a beauty. (but I think my osX doesn't respect the bitmap information for screen use...rhaaaaaa....I want my clean jaggies back)

And for print use, I prefer this one to Ver(dan)a.

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Gregory: Hear, hear. Vera Mono has become my default fixed-width font...

Can't wait till the final version is released with its distinguishable "oh" and "zero"... and the ability to hack the font so that I can add box-drawing characters for terminal windows. Whee.

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