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I've got a desperate need for a script or plugin which will allow visitors to a website to generate custom previews of fonts the way they can on MyFonts or Was using Texter but it was too quirky and has stopped really working. This ought to be something which can be implemented fairly simply with SWF fonts, but I just don't know how to do it. Is there anything out there along the lines of a Java script or a Wordpress plugin which would let me offer this feature to visitors to my site?


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Simple and free:

Professional solution:

Different solution:
Just use the fonts as webfonts and make an editable text field in HTML.

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Thanks a lot, Raif. For some reason search engines were utterly useless in this quest.

Typeshow looks very familiar. Clearly derived from Texter.

The professional solutions actually look less good for my purposes than Typeshow does.


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I happened to have tried out Typeshow on your website earlier today. As a user, I certainly like its simple interface and clear results. I don't know the product at all, but I noticed that the font size is automatic - modified to try and fit the entered text into the available window. For short phrases, this results in text large enough for it to be clipped. For example, enter "Diomedes" for your new Diomedes font, and see the 'm' get its tail cut off.

- Herb

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