Here is a PDF showing TrueType versions of the original first Macintosh typefaces...

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Here are True Type output versions of the original first Macintosh typefaces...Some of the names are different than the original names on the first Macintoshes....

Athene is Athens
Liverpool is London
Los Altos is Los Angeles
Sanfrisco is San Francisco
Valencia is Venice
Torrance is Toronto
Parc Place is Cream or Creamy or Palo Alto seen on macintosh Prototypes.

Chicago, Geneva, Monaco, and New York, have the same names as the originals.

Original Macintosh Typefaces.pdf75.26 KB
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Did you do this?
From what sources?
Just curious.
As a comparison, for people which could be unfamiliar with those fonts, here’s a sample from

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Nope, not me, ones that have the different names are from

...the ones with the same name I got from

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Back in the first Macintosh days and the Imagewriter dot matrix printer, the fonts were all bitmap, and to print one size on the Imagewriter, one had to also have a font size twice as big....the Imagewriter used that double size font to make the output higher quality. I used the later Imagewriter II.

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