Jessica Hische is impressive

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Another nice script typeface is Kunstler Script....

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The uppercase A and R suffer from a bit too much modularity. Rnderson?

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Centred on the full width does not work for me.


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Hische's script fits with Anderson's style with the same rightness that Futura belongs in Kubrick's. Good-hearted, but quirky and almost twee.

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P.S. Your insight would be a lot more intriguing if it were not patently obvious to anyone with…what?…eyes?

OTOH, I must confess that I assume that you are not impaired in any way; however, the internet is not always accommodating to blind people—lucky them—so…

P.S. this post, believe it or not, was all in fun, spoken both kindly and gently. And, BTW, IMHO—this lady knows her stuff. If I could afford to, I would buy a boatload of her fonts. If I could afford to…

However, since I am having a tough time getting a free beer and a fiendishly clever free stop in Detroit to work out, my luck has not been so hot lately. But, one can always hope.

No: actually, one must ALWAYS hope, or this sh*t happens...

And I DO mean “Express”…but, as you will note, both stylishly and conveniently...

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I like this last one.


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I saw her talk at Typo San Francisco, and was indeed impressed.
But as she admitted, there’s a lot to learn about making fonts.
This is her second version of this typeface, and much better than the first (Butter- something or other).
It will be interesting to see what direction her career goes.

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The talk on YouTube done by the maker of FF Ernestine is very interesting also.

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The only thing I hate about her is that she's already married. :_( Such a cutie.

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